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Roshanak Rafani offers Daf lessons for adults, teenagers and children. Preferred age starts from the age of 7. Daf classes take place individually and in group form. It is advisable to attend group classes, also as a supplement or combination of the individual lessons, to improve the skills of listening and to increase the motivation of the students.

The lessons are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. The course materials basically meet all the requirements of students for both professional and nonprofessional purposes.

The course in the basic level meet all the specific requirements of students and includes the basic principles of rhythm and techniques. By the end of the basic level students will be able to read over the written notes and they have learned simple, compound and odd meters and the principal techniques which are Bam, Zir, Chap, Zanjir and Yek Angoshti.

In the intermediate level, students work on more complex rhythms and techniques. They will learn different Maqams in Daf playing and they will be prepared for accompaniment with other instruments. Additionally, they will also be able to compose and improvise short pieces.

In advanced levels students will be guided to find their own personal expressions and techniques in solo and ensemble performance.

All of the lessons are prepared by Roshanak depends on the need and progress of the students. In some sessions students will be asked to compose small and short pieces to play alone or with group. This classes don’t have age limit, starting preferably from the age of 7.

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Daf, a one sided frame drum, also known as Daff, Def, Mazhar or Bendir, is one of the most ancient percussion instruments which is performed in different parts of middle east, most specifically Iraq, Turkey and Iran. Daf is originally a mythical instrument in Sufi music used in mythical rituals but since 1970 on it found its way to Iranian Classical music as an accompaniment. Due to its loud sound it is mostly used in big ensembles or in the group of Dafs. However, it has been played also as solo. Daf is made of wood as a big ring what is covered with skin either artificial or natural with jingles dangle in the inner side. Daf is played with two hands, one holds Daf with thumb and index finger and the other beside the ring takes the balance and plays the main strokes.

Because of its sharp and strong sound, this instrument has an enormous impression on the texture of music.

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