Dizi (Chinese Bamboo Flute) Lessons

Dizi lessons with Tao Ye are suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Lesson plan

  1. posture and blowing technique
  2. fingering of the flute
  3. breathing and meditation
  4. music theory
  5. traditional pieces and popular film music
About the Bamboo Flute

The Chinese dizi or Chinese bamboo flute is used in many areas, in Chinese opera as well as in the orchestra or in folk music.

There are different theories about the origin of the dizi. While some assume that the dizi was created on the explicit order of the Yellow Emperor, others assume that it was a cultural import during the Han Dynasty.

The biggest difference between the Chinese flute and Western flutes is that there is a hole for a membrane on the bamboo flute. Because of this membrane, the bamboo flute sounds different and distinctive. The bamboo flute has always been popular in China. Its sound can be heard especially in Chinese films, such as Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon.

Tao Ye

German, English, Chinese

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