Techniques and technology to expand and amplify acoustic instruments

During this course Mauricio will take you through the process of transforming your traditional instrument using electronics, transducers and microphones. Make your instruments a versatile instrument, allowing you to play in new contexts. The aim of these lessons is to allow players of traditional instruments to be part of large ensembles, to play electronic music and to play in contemporary classical settings, among other possibilities.

Mauricio will help you explore your instrument and transform its sound into a diverse palette of timbres and sonic possibilities so you can create a highly original, unique and powerful instrument.

Mauricio specialises in traditional wind instruments but also has vast experience with traditional percussion and string instruments from many cultures around the world.

Lesson structure

The following lesson structure is modular and can be customised according to the participants needs:

  1. Instrumental exploration: How can you develop your sound? Exploring natural timbres and expanding upon sound and technique.
  2. Music orientation: What types of music can you explore? Finding new musical contexts for your instrument.
  3. Improvisation and composition: How can you improvise and compose? Using rhythm exercises and new scales to create original music.
  4. Using Technology: What kind of technology is right for you? Choosing microphones, transducers, contact microphones, amplification, FX pedals…
  5. Build your own: How can you build your own electro acoustic set up? Exploring pedal board design and how to optimise your set up for live performances and recording.

Mauricio is an award-winning educator with over 20 years of teaching experience. He is passionate about encouraging music-lovers to develop their own unique style and original way of playing and learning.

Mauricio Velasierra

Origin of the instrument
South America – Andes

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