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Faleh Khaless has created a special method, not only for Oud players but also for guitarists who would like to play Middle Eastern music on their guitar. ‘Oud versus Guitar’ will help you to learn Oud and start playing Middle Eastern tunes quickly but the methods can also easily be applied to the guitar as well providing a strong foundation on either instrument.

What about your guitar?

– Fretted? Fretless? Quarter tone fret?

– Want to play notes that you couldn’t find on your guitar?

– Want to find the notes between the notes?

– The octave in your guitar is divided into just 12 equal steps?

– Want to play the notes of the quarter tone Maqams (mode)?

You are a guitarist and would like to play Arabic or Turkish music but you realised it would take to learn a new instrument at an even basic level? Oud for Guitarists turned the attention back to all this and will give you the expertise in quarter tonal or micro tonal intervals.

What to know?

Few but detailed steps to stretch oriental music with your guitar:

– Mini scales with detailed ornamentations for playing Maqams on your guitar.

–  Essential Oud techniques make you able to play the delicate Oud style on your guitar.

– Learning the art of Taqsim (improvisation) using ear training, to know where the Taqsim will start and where a modulation is suitable.

Far away from taking Arabic music theory too seriously there is a more simple and natural way for learning Maqams. More awareness and excitement, more effective than any amount of theory or rational knowledge.

Faleh Khaless

Middle Eastern Music, World, Fusion

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