Global Music School

The Global Music School is the music school of the Global Music Academy. What sets us apart from other music schools? Just like our city, we are musically totally global! We offer courses for adults, teenagers and children as well as early musical education for the youngest in the family. With us you can study your instrument one-on-one or in a group, expand your musical repertoire through workshops or play with others in an ensemble and share the joy of making music.

We offer a uniquely diverse range of musical styles, in such a way as to give both beginners and advanced students the opportunity to open up musically and to develop their skills further.

In addition to the usual lessons in European/Western styles, you will find offers on instruments and styles of music from around the world. Whether Afro-Cuban drumming, overtone singing, flamenco or Indian dance – the Global Music School program has something to suit everybody’s taste. However, if not, then contact us directly and we will connect you and put you in touch with our large network of musicians and teachers in Berlin.

Workshops for active musicians

On our homepage you will regularly find new workshop offers, where you can choose what you like, expand your musical horizons and get on with it. There are different levels available, depending on where you stand with your instrument or your voice. Our workshop leaders are experienced musicians and teachers from all over the world. Whether Berlin-based, or touring musicians, each of our workshop leaders present unique and engaging perspectives.

Ensembles and band coaching

Once again, there are many stylistic directions in which to go, depending on your interest. Whether you are interested in rock, oriental music or Latin jazz, you will find that we are internationally positioned!

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Umbrella organization: Global Music Academy

The Global Music Academy is divided into five independent programs: The Global Music School is an innovative music school in Berlin-Kreuzberg; the Global Music International Program is an international network for the promotion of musical education and training; the Global Music Professional Program is a stylistically broad education and training offer for professional musicians; the Global Music Stage is a space for performances by our teachers, students and visiting artists; the Global Music Academy is an internationally oriented conservatory, which offers academic training for young musicians with a broad musical and stylistic approach.

The Global Music Academy (GMA) is „future music“.

The GMA is currently seeking state accreditation as a conservatory. The development and planning of three new, innovative Bachelor degree programs is well advanced. For the financing and the start of the four-year study program for musicians from all over the world, further supporters and investors are needed.

The Global Music International Program (GMI)

Under the auspices of the Global Music Academy and under the direction of William Ramsay, an international team with partners from 11 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa and South Asia, is working on contemporary curricula for music education based on their respective (national) music traditions. At the same time, the content of the Global Music Campus, a Music Education and Institutions Building Program for professional musicians and music educators, is being developed and offered through this international network.

Music Professional Program (GMP)

This program suits those who are looking to simultaneously broaden their base and develop their skills in a specific and focused way. It is aimed at both musicians wanting to hone their talents on a specific instrument and prospective composers. Some of the teachers at the Global Music School have been working at conservatories for many years and are familiar with the requirements for an academic degree as a musician. Through international teaching in the Global Music International program, many faculty members regularly broaden their musical and theoretical knowledge in order to develop new curriculum content and effective teaching methods, which best propel participants in the GMP program.

Our instructors provide an all-encompassing Study Preparatory Course that is fun and optimally prepares students for their subsequent academic studies. As part of the GMP program, courses and seminars by prominent musicians, aimed at (semi-) professional musicians, will be offered regularly in the future.

The Global Music Stage (GMS)

On our small in-house stage, we run regular jam sessions and occasional concerts. It is a cosy club atmosphere welcome to all musicians and music-lovers from near and far. As part of the ongoing activities of the Global Music School, our teachers and student ensembles often organise performances and events on the Global Music Stage.