Pandeiro lessons

Pandeiro lessons are for beginners as well as advanced students. If the students are interested, other Brazilian percussion instruments can also be integrated into the course.

Patrick will work with you on the following Brazilian rhythms and percussion styles. Samba | Choro | Forró | Baiao | Coco | Xote | Xaxado| Cavalo Marinho | Frevo.

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The pandeiro is a frame drum with a ring of jingles, very similar to the tambourine. The instrument has its origin in Arabia. The bells of the pandeiro are arranged in a shell shape. This produces a soft clanging sound. Due to its versatility, the pandeiro is used in almost all musical styles. The left hand holds the frame drum horizontally from the body, while the right hand beats the sounds with fingertips, the ball of the hand or the flat of the hand.

Portuguese, English, Spanish

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