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Javanese Gamelan Ensemble (Beginners)

This group course introduces participants to Classical Javanese Gamelan, a musical form that is relaxing, community oriented, and accessible to beginners with no prior music experience. Participants will learn the basic instrumental techniques and interaction skills necessary in the music, and work towards a casual presentation at the end of the course. 

The course is practice focused: playing together is the main aim. Cultural and theoretical aspects of the music will be covered holistically. 

Topics covered:

Introduction to Javanese Gamelan, Culture, and its related performing arts.

Care and etiquette for Javanese Instruments

Basic forms for pieces: Lancaran, Ladrang, Ketawang

Basic instrumental techniques: damping, following cues, interpreting “timekeeping” and ornamenting parts

Javanese Musical Concepts: Irama (lancar, tanggung, dadi)

Javanese Gamelan Ensemble (Advanced)

150 minute Group lesson: minimum six, maximum ___ (depending on instruments available)

This group course is suitable for those with prior knowledge of Javanese Gamelan. Participants will explore larger pieces in the Classical and Semi-classical repertoire, advanced instrumental techniques, and music to accompany dance and shadow puppetry. The course is practice focused, but the exact content and direction is flexible based on the experience and interests of the participants, who will work towards a casual presentation at the end of the course. 

Possible Topics to cover:

Different types of pieces: All those covered in the basic course, as well as Gendhing, Jineman, Gendhing Lampah (for accompanying wayang), arrangements for dance

Instrumental techniques: further techniques and styles for Bonang and Peking, Drumming, Rebab, Kendhang, Gender, Pinjalan, Imbal Saron/Demung, etc.

Javanese Musical Concepts: Irama (all in the beginner’s course as well as wilet and dadi), pathet.

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2-6 participants

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150 minutes