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The workshops at the Global Music School take place under the guidance of accomplished teachers and musicians from both Germany and abroad. Some of our most memorable past events have been workshops in Arabic music, Afro-Cuban percussion from Havana, flamenco for all as well as Angolan rhythms.


Abhinaya – the Refined Art of Expression

with Rajyashree Ramesh

2-day Workshop for Advanced to Professional levels.
For precise practice of gestural depiction and deep emotive expression.

Day 1: 11th March 10:30-18:00 (with 30 minutes break)
We will work on the textual part of a Varnam

Day 2: 1st April 10:30-18:00 (with 30 minutes break)
We will explore the deep meaning in a composition.


Global Music Academy, Wildenbruchstr. 80, 12045 Berlin

Fees: 132 € for single day, 240 € for both days
registration deadline (incl. payment): 1 week before Workshop

Intermediate Level Immersion

Time: Sunday, 26th February, 11:30-13h + 15-18h.
Some more places are available!
Pre-requisite Advanced Beginners to Intermediate level knowledge in Bharatanatyam.
Fee: 99€
registration deadline (incl. payment): 1 week before Workshop

Workshop Kathak for dancers

with Ghazal Ramzani

The one-day Kathak workshop is for professional dancers and people with at least three years of dance and movement experience. In this workshop Ghazal Ramzani will guide participants to understand movement principles of Kathak and integrate them into their own dance practice.

* Please provide details of your dance and movement practice when registering.

Time: Sat. 04.03.23, 11h-13.30h (30min break)
Deadline for registration (incl. payment): 23.02.23
Price: 44€

Past workshops

+++ Português veja abaixo +++ 

Master Class / Workshop with Latin Jazz Grammy Nominee Filó Machado

Saturday 17.9. 15:00-18:00
In German/English and Portuguese

Participation fee:
50€ early bird registration until 14.9.
70€ registration from 15.9.
35€ for students of the Global Music Academy

Global Music Academy
Wildenbruchstr. 80
12045 Berlin Germany

Filó Machado is a composer, singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist. With his characteristic guitar playing and his percussive scat singing, he is an important name in Brazilian jazz. He can look back on performances in 25 countries, collaborations with artists such as Jon Hendricks, Gal Costa, João Donato, Kenny Barron, Joyce Moreno, Tetsuo Sakurai, Hermeto Paschoal. He has given workshops for music students, e.g. at Berklee College of Music, Boston and received a Latin Jazz Grammy nomination.

In a master class, Machado will present his working methods and specific characteristics of Brazilian music. As a multi-instrumentalist, he passes on knowledge for a wide range of instruments, including:
– Styles and their connections: jazz, samba, funk, baião, their connections, mixed forms and derivations
– Harmonies: What different forms can be used for accompanying melodies?
– Arrangements: How do I develop the intro of a piece, a “middle”, an end?
– Improvisation: rhythms, melodies, phrases, scat syllables
– Rhythm: connections of different rhythms, changes in tempo and dynamics

Registration by email:



Master Class / Workshop com Filó Machado, indicado para o Grammy Latin Jazz 

Sábado 17.9. 15:00-18:00
Em Alemão/Inglês e Português

Taxa de participação:
50€ inscrição antecipada até 14.9.
70€ inscrição a partir de 15.9.
35€ para alunos da Global Music Academy

Global Music Academy
Wildenbruchstr. 80
12045 Berlin Germany

Filó Machado é compositor, cantor, produtor, multi-instrumentista. Com seu jeito característico de tocar violão e seu canto scat percussivo, ele é um dos nomes importantes do jazz brasileiro. Já se apresentou em 25 países, colaborou com artistas como Jon Hendricks, Gal Costa, João Donato, Kenny Barron, Joyce Moreno, Tetsuo Sakurai, Hermeto Paschoal. Ele deu workshops para estudantes de música, por exemplo na Berklee College of Music, Boston, e recebeu uma indicação ao Grammy Latin Jazz.

Na oficina master class, Machado apresentará seus métodos de trabalho e características específicas da música brasileira. Como multi-instrumentista, ele abrange um rico conhecimento para uma ampla variedade de instrumentos, incluindo:
– Estilos e suas fusões: jazz, samba, funk, baião, suas conexões, formas compostas e derivações
– Harmonia: diferentes formas de acompanhamento para melodias
– Arranjos: criações de introduções, meio e final de músicas
– Improvisação: formas silábicas, rítmicas e melódicas
– Condução rítmica: fusão de ritmos, alterações de tempo e dinâmica

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Just ask us!

If you are interested in an instrument, singing or dance style and have only a small time window – such as a weekend – we can organize a workshop for you. Just get in touch with us!