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Global Dance Professional Programme

Advanced Dance and Movement Studies with Dr. Rajyashree Ramesh

Diploma and Certification programmes

Bharata to Bartenieff: This is a unique first of its kind trans-disciplinary Dance & Movement Studies Programme developed and taught by Dr. Rajyashree Ramesh. A much needed advanced training programme, it integrates the rich insights from Indian performing arts Natya with the latest in Movement Studies/Science. Being offered as a two-year Diploma programme, it targets both professional dancers from Indian traditions as well as movement professionals interested in working with Indian traditional forms in a globalised world.

Dance traditions from non-Western regions are often studied with a focus on culture, history, religion, spirituality or colonial/post-colonial discourses. While these have their relevance, it is often overseen that the dance practises themselves are dynamic and multi-faceted in their application. As performing arts they don’t find representation on the proscenium or established stages of the world for the most part. Nor taken into account in current approaches that look at dance pedagogy and dance/movement therapy. And as corporeal practises finally, they at the most are considered to be exotic free-time activity.

The Diploma and Certification programmes fill the vacuum in dance studies by addressing the multi-faceted possibilities that a non-Western dance tradition can offer. While this programme draws from the rich insights Indian performing arts offers,, it offers a template for application to other world dance forms as well.

The uniqueness of the programme lies in the trans-disciplinary approach it takes, thus providing new groundbreaking global perspectives. For instance, even in traditional dance training, an important aspect remains implicit – namely the role of movement. Taking the latest from Movement Studies/Science the programme gives the traditional insights broad-based practical application possibilities that range from Performance/Choreography to Dance/Movement Pedagogy to Dance/Movement Therapy.
(Bharata to Bartenieff Brochure for download)

Programme structure

The programme is modular in structure, with three modules to be completed successfully for the Diploma. Each module is comprised of several courses.
(Course schedule 2021/2022 for download)

Two of the modules address the two central aspects of Indian performing arts, pure and expressive dance (Nritta and Abhinaya) from perspectives hitherto not looked into (see brochures for download). In doing so, unveiling the potential of traditional performative aesthetics for application in varied fields from Performance/Choreography, Teaching/Pedagogy to Dance/Movement Therapy. Both modules are offered as Certification programmes and can thus be taken up also as stand-alones and in a non-hierarchical manner. Both target dance/movement/theatre and other professionals with advanced level training in any Indian classical dance form**.
1. FasciaNatya Methodology: This is a completely new pathbreaking approach to the rich Indian dance vocabulary from movement analytic and fascia perspectives. The one-year Certification programme with a module end exam offers 15 credit points.
(FasciaNatya Info-brochure for download)
2. CoreConcepts – emotive-kinetic: In this module participants are offered unique practise oriented insights that relate the rich ancient tradition of emotive expression in the theory and practise of Natya to emotive-kinetic processes from a brain research perspective. It offers a Certificate of participation with 9 credit points after successful completion (module end presentation).
(CoreConcepts Info-brochure for download)
3. Specialisation Module: After successful completion of the above two modules**, participants can take up a further module to deepen the practical skills needed for applying their learnings to a choses primary area, whether Performance/Choreography, Teaching/Pedagogy and/or Dance/Movement Therapy.
** Professionals with little or no prior knowledge in Indian dance forms have to take up an Introductory yearlong Module prior to participation in the above programme.