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Teacher for Hindustani Music

Aparna Shenoy Nayak was born in Mumbai, India and brought up in various cities of Maharashtra and spent most of the years in Pune which is considered to be one of the most active cultural centres of Maharashtra.
Singing is her passion since she was a kid. She started taking lessons when she was in 7th grade and continued it till she completed her graduation in Indian classical music.
She is a Homoeopathic doctor by profession and music helped her a lot while studying medicine and it acted as a stress buster for her.
Her mother always wanted her to pursue music as her profession and her family was always supportive about this.
She started to take her initial lessons when she was 13 years old in Goa and was blessed to have guru like Rajesh Purkhe ji.
She then moved to Pune for further studies and was fortunate enough to learn from Dr. Revati tai Kamat of Jaipur Atroli gharana.
She then continued her music lessons from Pt. Suryakant Gaikwad ji of Kirana gharana and completed her graduation ( Sangeet Visharad ) from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Vidyalaya,  under his guidance.
She has also learnt light music which includes Semi -classical songs, Bhavgeet, Natyasangeet, Bhajans from Mrs. Archana tai Khasnis.

Musical career:

Music has always been her passion and she likes to be creative when it comes to music. According to her music can heal anything and everything.

She has performed various solo concerts in India and and got a very good response which encouraged her more to learn and now teach music.

Teaching aim:

Her aim is to teach music in such a way that it not just helps the students to learn but also makes it a very enjoyable experience.
She wants to teach music to as many people as she can especially children, to help them deal with various stresses in life.
Her teaching mainly includes classical singing ie Khayal,  Various Sargams, along with Bollywood songs and Bhajans.

Indian classical music is like a vast ocean which has too many things to offer us. It is like a meditation and a stress relieving activity which has helped me personally to deal with variety of stresses in my life.

I am extremely passionate about teaching this and it’s my privilege to be a teacher and and spread my knowledge with the students here in Germany.
It is like a dream come true.

Vita at the GMA:

Aparna Shenoy Nayak has started teaching Hindustani classical singing at GMA since January 2023

Hindustani Singing 

English, Hindi, Martathi