Guitarist and Composer 

Adrián, a talented guitarist and composer, was born in the vibrant city of Mexico City. His musical journey commenced at the age of 11 when he embarked on his classical guitar studies. Under the tutelage of renowned instructors like Rubén Joelson, he honed his skills, setting a solid foundation for his musical career.

Adrián’s dedication led him to complete his university education with a focus on popular music, where he carved a niche for himself as a jazz guitarist. His pursuit of excellence took him to Austin, TX, for an enriching master class, further solidifying his mastery of jazz guitar.

Post-graduation, Adrián channeled his musical energies into his jazz project, collaborating with his Mexican bandmates. This collaboration bore fruit in the form of two impressive discographies. Today, Adrián remains an active musician, captivating audiences with his performances across various musical projects, both as a soloist and ensemble player. He has graced numerous forums, jazz festivals, and popular music stages in Mexico and Europe, enthralling audiences with his melodic creations.


Adrián’s extensive training in classical and jazz guitar bestows upon him remarkable versatility as both a performer and teacher. His teaching repertoire spans a diverse array of musical styles, including classical guitar compositions by eminent composers like Tarrega, Fernando Sor, and Carulli. Moreover, Adrián delves into the rich tapestry of Latin American Folklore, exploring the rhythms and melodies of various cultures:

  • Mexican Music: Dive into the heart of Mexico with the lively strains of huapangos, polkas, and sones.
  • Brazilian Music: Feel the vibrant pulse of Brazil through choro, samba, and bossa nova.
  • Venezuelan Music: Experience the enchanting rhythms of joropo and Meringue.
  • Peruvian Music: Get lost in the celebration with the tunes of landau.
  • Argentine Music: Dance to the beat of sambas, chacareras, and tango.
  • Cuban Music: Sway to the melodious sounds of sones, boleros, and danzon.

Adrián’s goal is to ignite the same passion in his students, guiding them on a musical journey that explores composition, improvisation, and the enchanting world of jazz rhythms. Whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned player, Adrián’s expertise and enthusiasm are bound to inspire and elevate your musical prowess. Join him in the rhythmic odyssey that is music composition and jazz guitar.

Vita at the GMA

Adrián Flores Ibáñez teaches acoustic guitar (Latin jazz) at Global Music School since 2020.

Acoustic Guitar

English, Spanish, Portuguese, German