Akustik Gitarre lernen
Guitar Lessons

The Global Music School offers guitar lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, flamenco guitar and Latin-American & Brazilian guitar.

The sounds of the acoustic guitar is caused by plucking or hitting the strings and amplified by the body of the guitar. Of particular importance for the sound are, inter alia, the quality of the wood. The acoustic guitar usually has six strings and is usually covered with nylon strings. It has a warm sound and is very suitable for Flamenco, Jazz, Brazilian music and Pop. The first concert guitars of today’s size and design can be found in Spain from the middle of the 19th century. One of the most important luthiers was Antonio de Torres. He enlarged the baroque guitar and achieved an instrument with greater assertiveness, more dynamics and a more intense sound color. The name guitar derives on the one hand from the Persian “Târ”, a 4000-year-old long-necked lute and on the other hand from the Greek Kithara.

Guitar lessons withs Yurdal Çağlar

Guitar lessons at Çağlar are suitable for people of all ages. Lessons follow a plan created according to the student’s wishes and abilities, as well as the basic knowledge of guitar and music to be acquired. If necessary, the journey begins with learning how to hold the guitar to open step by step the doors of self-expression on the instrument.