Balafon Groupcourse for Kids

Playing the balafon will introduce you to a new world full of fascinating sound qualities. Aly Keïta will give you the opportunity to dive into the balafon and experience the magic of the instrument yourself. The Balafon is very suitable for children. The children can experience how the mallets move and by hearing, feeling, imitating and reacting, they intuitively learn the instrument.

In Aly Keïta’s Balafon lessons you will learn the key aspects of the instrument, the correct posture and intonation. By learning different playing techniques you will get an overview of the basic principles of Balafon playing, the modes used and the different types of modulation.
The aim of the Balafon courses is to learn how to improvise using different rhythms. Aly Keïta will, for instance, show you numerous possibilities of variation by interpreting simple melodies, for example by using a song as the starting point.

In the Balafon tradition, music notation is not used. Aly Keïta’s Balafon lessons are therefore based on the traditional African way of playing by ear, through a continuous learning process. This method of teaching will make you familiar with the musical differences and nuances. You will also learn how to transpose and adapt musical ideas on the Balafon.

Rhythm is essential! In Aly Keïta’s Balafon lessons you expand your knowledge about rhythm. Rhythm is the lifeblood of music. Everyone has rhythmic potential, discover it develop it!

Aly Keïta

German, English, French

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