karnatischer flötenunterricht
Carnatic flute lessons for children

Children from the age of 5 years can be enrolled in this class. They will be taught hand and finger positions using playful exercises. They will be introduced to the Carnatic music of South India step by step, developing their ears in a musical way and learning simple melodies and rhythms on the flute.

Learn more about the Carnatic Flute

The Indian bamboo transverse flute is probably the best known and most popular wind instrument in Carnatic music. It is known for its warm, smooth sound. The flute or “pullankulal” in Tamil is also known as a venu and has 8 holes and covers a range of two and a half octaves. By sliding the fingers over the open holes it is possible to create a quality very similar to the human voice and the technique also allows for a high degree of musical ornamentation. This is an important aspect, which plays a big expressive role when playing raga-based music.

Courses for Kids

The South Indian music program of the Global Music School offers a variety of different courses for children from a very young age. For example Mridangam (barrel drum), Kanchira (one sided frame drum), Carnatic singing and early musical education (Chutti Swing Club).

Manickam Yogeswaran

Teachers Assistant
Sri Lavanya

English, Tamil, German

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