Trommelkurs für Kinder
South Indian Drums – Junior (Percussion course for children)

The South Indian music program of the Global Music School offers instruments such as the Mridangam (barrel drum) and Kanchira (one sided frame drum) for children from a very young age. The drum course for children introduces the intricate playing techniques on these two instruments in a playful manner and is an introduction to the rhythms of South India.


The two-headed Mridangam is one of the principle percussion instruments in South Indian music. For centuries it has served as the rhythmic foundation for vocal, instrumental and dance ensembles. This instrument owes its great popularity to the multitude of different tones and timbres, which it can generate through different finger techniques.


The Kanjira is a small frame drum made of Jackfruit wood covered with a very thin and flexible skin with a single pair of bells. The bells make a rattling sound when playing which adds a further percussive dimension to the sound. It is used as an accompaniment in the classical music of South India in vocal, instrumental or dance music. It is capable of producing an extraordinary range of timbres and rhythms using just the fingers and the palm of the hand and can be played with great virtuosity in the hands of an expert.

Courses for Kids

The South Indian music program of the Global Music School offers a variety of different courses for children from a very young age. For example Mridangam (barrel drum), Kanchira (one sided frame drum), Carnatic singing and early musical education (Chutti Swing Club).

Yogeswaran Manickam

English, Tamil, German

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