arabische Perkussion – Mohamed Askari
Arabic Percussion Lessons

The lessons in Arabic percussion with Mohamed Askari are suitable for beginners and advanced players.

The following instruments are offered:

Darabuka (cup-shaped hand drum) (also Darbuka)
Riqq (wooden frame drum with bells) (also Riqq)
Daff (wooden frame drum without bells) (also Daf, Def, Mazhar or Bendir)


In this course the participants learn how to use the particular instrument with simple exercises. The most frequently practiced rhythms of Arabic music will be taught. These rhythms are either art music rhythms such as Samai 10/8, Muhaggar 14/4, Zarafat 13/4 etc. or folk music rhythms such as Kleiner Masmudi 4/4, Ayoub 2/4, Fallahi, Chalidji 4/4. In addition, the playing styles and techniques are taught. The focus of the Arabic Percussion course is on improvisation and the joy of invention.


Presentation of an approx. 3. minute self-discovered solo by beginners as well as advanced players.
Showing a profound rhythmic feeling, by keeping the tempo and changing metrics.

“Rhythm is the lifeblood of music. Every person has rhythmic potential”.

Mohamed Askari

German, English, Arabic

Origins of the instrument
Middle East, Arab North Africa

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