Manickam Yogeswaran

Yogeswaran Manickam is co-artistic director of the Global Music Academy.
Furthermore he is the coordinator for South Asian music and responsible for the Indian music program. The program offers children and adults creative courses and interesting instruments from South Asian.

At Global Music Academy, he teaches Carnatic singsing, Mirdangam, Kanchira and the Indian bamboo flute Venu. Yogeswaran is a trained singer and drummer and inspires music lovers from all over the world with his expressive voice and masterful playing. Through Tamil music he opens up to his audience an ancient living tradition, which still today characterizes the atmosphere of many temples. This music is now firmly established on the concert stage and in the recording studio. He draws inspiration from the beauty of early “Thirukkural” poetry as well as the temple hymns he grew up with.

Contemporary compositions, media productions, and a special kind of educational outreach provide unlimited scope for his versatile talents. In addition to his role as coordinator and teacher, Yogeswaran is involved in international peace work.

Co-Artistic Director
South Asian Music Coordinator

English, German, Tamil

Carnatic Flute
Carnatic Singing
Courses for kids

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