Latin Jazz Klavier
Salsa/Latin-Jazz Ensemble

The music known as Salsa is based on the traditional cuban music genre of „son“. This style of music has been adopted in the whole hispanic Caribbean and in New York and has incorporated many different musical influences going from various folkloric traditions to jazz and pop. Salsa has become a truly global music with people listening and dancing to it all over the world, especially in America, Africa and Europe.

The complex combination between the various percussion instruments (bongo, conga, timbales) and the rhythmic patterns (tumbao) of the piano and the bass forms the basis of this style. The precise execution of these polyrhythms will be one of the main focuses during the ensemble’s rehearsals. On top of the groove the vocal part is executed either in verse form or in call and response phrasing between the lead vocal and the background vocals. Other instruments as well are an important part of a Salsa or Latin Jazz Ensemble, such as flute, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, strings, guitars…

Daniel Stawinski

Latin America, USA, Europe

Group size
from 7 participants

Latin Jazz: Tuesday 18:30h-20:00h
Salsa: Tuesday 20:00h-21:30h

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