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Afro-Cuban Percussion Ensemble

What is Afro-Cuban percussion or Afro-Cuban drumming? The music in Cuba uses a whole range of different rhythms. Almost all of them have their origin somewhere in Africa. From there they were brought to Cuba and other Carribean islands by African slaves. Some of these rhythms have maintained their original forms, some have been changed, some have been interpreted in a new way. These rhythms form the unique sound of Cuban music.

The best way to learn these rhythms is to play together with others in a group or ensemble. In the Afro-Cuban percussion courses students will develop basic tecniques of playing and get to know the different percussion instruments in their traditional context. Especially Afro-Cuban instruments like congas, claves, cowbells, catá or chekere and bongos are played.

Afro-Cuba – course I

The course Afro-Cuban percussion I is open for all participants, but addresses mostly beginners and intermediate. Contentwise the lessons will be centered around Cuban follk music and Cuban drumming. You will learn and play rhythms like Rumba, Güiro, Palo, Abakua, etc. No prior knowledge is necessary.

Afro-Cuba – course II

The course Afro-Cuban percussion II focusses on Cuban folk music. Here as well rhythms such as Rumba, Güiro, Palo, Abakua, etc.are played and studied. The course addresses advanced percussionists, not necessarily versatile in Afro-Cuban music. But as well motivated and ambitious beginners could be integrated in the course. Very much welcome are as well singers and interest persons for vocals. Some basic singing experience and elementary knowledge of the Spanish language would help.




Alexander Scull Castillo

Cuba, Caribbean Islands

Group size
2 – 6 participants

Cuban folk music, pop music

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