Foundation program
Foundation program

The Foundation program provides insights into the musical multilingualism that the Global Music Academy has made its mission statement.
It is interesting for all those who want to further their musical education – or prepare themselves for music studies. With its 3-month duration it offers enough time to prepare for everything in theory and practice.
It contains courses like Rhythmic & Body Percussion, Harmony, Keyboard Harmony, Rhythmic Reading & Writing, Melodic Reading & Writing, as well as Music History & Styles.
Individual lessons in the main and secondary instrument can be booked separately, as well as ensemble lessons if there are enough interested students.
The teachers are all professionals in their field and have many years of practical experience in music, dance and singing.


– 45 min./week (12x), Rhythmic & Body Percussion, group lesson (5-12)
This course provides the practical foundation for all the necessary rhythmic contexts that are necessary for a real understanding of the contents of the Rhythmic Reading & Writing course.

– 45 min./week (12x), Rhythmic Reading & Writing, group lesson (5-12)
This course covers in a compact way everything from the basic assumptions and views of western rhythmic notation, the reed playing of binary and ternary rhythms, to reading and writing charts with changing time signatures and modulations. Analysis techniques and interpretation possibilities for different styles as well as different practice strategies for playing the hand are covered.

– 45 min./week (12x), Melodic Reading & Writing, group lesson (5-12)
Music examples from different regions will be read and sung/played, and melody dictations will be given. The level of difficulty depends on the level of the participants.

– 45 min./week (12x), Harmony & Ear Training, group lesson (5-12)
Starting from the physical principles of tonal music, the building blocks of the tempered system are introduced. Using musical examples, harmonic structures are analyzed, starting with simple intervals up to 7-tone chord structures. In parallel, the technical terms are made understandable through listening and singing exercises.

– 45 min./week (12x), Keyboard Harmony, group lesson (5-12)
This course trains typical voice leading models of current popular music

– 45 min./week (12x), Styles, music history & theory, group lesson (5-12)
This course deals with the following topics:
> general musical parameters and relationships,
> compare the different “keys” to understanding the great musical cultures
> relevant connections in the history of styles, epochs and musical cultures,
> analyses of many different styles.

Martin Lillich
Dietrich Woehrlin
Daniel Stawinski
Robby Geerken

6 hours per week /12 weeks long
Total costs: 750€
registration deadline: 30.09.2020
envisaged start: Nov. 2020

Further courses
Body Percussion
Rhythmic Reading & Writing
Practical course – Harmony
Harmony theory