Harmonium lessons

Berlin based musician and performer Babua Pahari is offering Harmonium lessons at the Global Music School. The courses are offered to students of all ages, beginners and advanced players, either individuals or in groups.

Babua Pahari teaches the art of playing Harmonium as a solo-instrument with indian scales. The students will learn scales of ragas as an introduction. They will develop the art of playing in depth as they progress in the course.

Learn more about the instrument

The Harmonium is a free-reed aerophone, widely used in India. The harmonium is played often as an accompanying instrument in ensembles like chant (mantra, folk music, bhajans) and for Hindusthani classical singers. Instrumentalists also use it as a solo instrument. Because of it’s loud and mellow sound it is played in any intimate set up where music or dance is performed acoustically. The Harmonium sounds similar to an accordion or a small organ. A player uses both hands; one to pump the air pressure and the other for playing the keys similar to the piano or an accordion.

Heider Kamal

Dari-Persian, English and German

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