Jazz and Pop Singing

The singing lessons of Ailin, Sara and Chamin are suitable for children and adults from beginners to expert level.

Singing Lessons with Sara Persico

The Italian singer and composer Sara Persico has been active as a successful singing teacher since 2016. While working in music schools in Bologna and Milan teaching jazz and pop singing to adults and children, she developed her own teaching methods. In Berlin she continues her singing lessons. Sara holds a BA from the Conservatory of Napoli and a Master’s Degree from the Conservatory of Bologna.

Topics of her lessons include:

  • Healthy, comfortable singing posture
  • An understanding of breath control
  • A healthy, sustainable singing technique, including: A thorough understanding of both the low and high vocal registers (chest and head voice)
  • An understanding of solfege syllables (or their numerical equivalent)
  • Proper diction with an emphasis on vowel pronunciation
  • An ability to read music
  • Basic ear training skills, such as the ability to aurally identify basic musical intervals and rhythms
  • Exposure to multiple genres and styles of vocal music
  • Practice in memorization and song preparation for performance
  • Performance experience (such as recitals, showcases, etc.)
Singing Lessons with Chamin

The course jazz and pop singing of Chamin can explore other genres like Rock, K-Pop, Musical and more according to your wishes and interests. The course is suitable for all kinds of singers from any musical direction – from beginners to professionals and in most genres. Chamin can study with you the Genre you would like to learn. She helps her students to:
– find a healthy and safe way of singing
– use their own natural voice to perform
– make feel free while singing and enjoy it

Every student will learn the following aspects, individually adapted to his needs:
– Breathing
– Vocal Warm up
– Voice Techniques
– Rhythm
– Stage Techniques
– Storytelling

The voice is one of most beautiful instruments that human can play and every voice has it’s own charm and potential.

Singing Lessons with Ailín 

My main objective is to provide the student with all the tools I have acquired throughout my training so that they can make full use of their vocal instrument.

The voice, unlike any other musical instrument, cannot be seen in itself, we cannot see its mechanism at the moment of performance, so our greatest ally in learning to use the voice correctly is listening and bodily self-perception. Understanding how the body reacts to certain stimuli to achieve the sound we want to hear.

The most important thing for me is to be able to enjoy our vocal potential 100%, in a healthy and organic way. To be able to learn everything about vocal technique and then apply it to the music the student wishes to sing. To provide the necessary tools to be able to perform difficult vocal passages, sing high, low, with different volumes and freedom!

In the first part of the class we will do personalized vocal exercises (vocalizations) that I will guide from the piano, with this we will discover the different components that are part of the vocal technique and in the second part we will apply this to a song chosen by the student.

Ailín Palacios
Sara Persico

Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Musical, K-Pop

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