Flute lessons

Flute lessons are aimed at children, teenagers and adults and are suitable for beginner to advanced players. The objective of all courses is to achieve a good musical level on the instrument. Learning the piccolo is also possible.

The courses include exercises and techniques for breathing, intonation, articulation, phrasing as well as etudes. Pieces from Baroque and Classical to modern and popular repertoire will be worked on. After some practice, you will be able to play different pieces as a soloist with piano accompaniment or in an ensemble.

The choice of teaching material and content is made in close consultation between teacher and student. Your learning goals and musical ideas will always be taken into account.

Piccolo lessons

Piccolo is suitable for advanced flute students who would like to extend their technique to the smaller and higher sounding flute, the piccolo. The tiny yet powerful piccolo is the highest voice in orchestras and wind ensembles. Piccolo fingerings are the same as on flute, but the instrument demands more air support and a faster airstream, making it suitable for more advanced students. Learning piccolo provides greater opportunities in ensemble playing.

Learn more about the instrument

The flute can be traced back to the 12th century. It has been firmly established as a solo instrument since Johann Sebastian Bach. The modern transverse flute was constructed about 200 years ago. Until then it was made of wood.

The flute provides many possibilities in combination with other instruments and is a versatile orchestral instrument. It can create incredibly beautiful sounds and noises, which is why it is very popular with contemporary composers. Especially in Latin American music, but also in jazz and rock, the flute is very popular.

Rachel Howie

English, German

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